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Different Paths

Even in a tight group dynamic, working towards the same thing, we are in fact also on our own different paths. Let me explain.

When this photo was taken in 1995 we were all together working towards graduation. In fact I spent almost 9 months with two of these guys, then six month to qualify as a RAAF Police member. We undertook a similar course to the Queensland Police Service Academy, only we learned about RAAF legislation in stead of state laws.

We were focused and driven, especially at the time this photo was taken, as we only had weeks remained on our course. We were laser sighted on getting our badge and becoming part of the Police culture.

I am second from the left, but within three years I had discharged from the permanent RAAF, taken up another badge with Queensland Transport and moved into another lifestyle.

It was not until 2006 that I would return to the reserves. To my left was a wild man from Adelaide who showed us the sights on our days off, took us to the best pubs and clubs. I met back up with him in 2007 and now he is a Preacher.

To my right was my room mate from basic training. We spent endless hours together polishing shoes, cleaning floors, ironing, running but most of all laughing. He stayed in the RAAF and had just been posted to the Security and Fire School as a SGT Instructor, when he went to the doctors with a sore shoulder and died two months later with cancer.

The guy on the far right stayed in the RAAF for many years and then went on to join the Australian Federal Police. The driver of the Landrover, stayed in the RAAF, became a dog handler, then was a founding member of the RAAF Explosive Detection Dog Handler. He left only recently at the rank of Flight SGT. The other two I sadly have no idea where they are or what became of them.

The point and lesson learnt is that we in business, government or individually come together with people in teams, on projects, to buy or sell from for a multitude of reasons.

The list could be endless, but the relationships and the intent does not change if you are working toward the same goals. But deep down, we are all on our own journey and have the path ahead set. There will be times when it will become out of kilter with what you hoped for, but its up to you to refocus the laser.

To anyone reading this and feeling the world is not what you wanted at the moment, remember it’s you at the steering wheel and life will go where you direct it, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

by Jason Lawrence

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