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Focus on the right things

Many years ago I was part of a surveillance operation and the important thing was always to keep focused. Even though you may not realise it the subject of the day is tucked right away in the right hand corner of the photo almost hidden by the tree. When the untrained look at this photo they are instantly drawn to what’s in front of them which is the old rusty bike. Then the giant chess set draws us in and distracts us as well.

All the trees, the house to the left and finally the person in the grey outfit, holding the young child as they pretend to simply enjoy the park. What is captured by another operative is the exchange of goods and the offence.

In anything in life if we lose focus of the real target and start to get distracted by the surrounds”, often we miss the opportunities we have been waiting for. So here are three tips to keep you on focus:

  1. Always be ready to change focus and angles if you need to so you can see the end game clearly.

  2. If you have obstacles in your way, how will you move around them or use them to further your outcomes? Do you have support or others to assist you in reaching and capturing your goals.

  3. Sometimes life is like playing chess and its a long game not a short game. So if you want to play loose and fast then perhaps connect 4 is perhaps the game for you.

Always try to stick with what you are wanting and not to be drawn away as the satisfaction of reaching you end destination is worth it. Whether you are in compliance, enforcement or investigations, a student at uni, or someone just trying to figure it out, have a plan and just make it stick. Thanks for reading.

by Jason Lawrence

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