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Hidden Costs of Workplace Violence

Between 2009 and 2014, there were 63 accepted workers’ compensation claims for work-related stress experienced by bus drivers in Queensland, at an average cost of more than $58,000 per claim. (Source Workcover Qld).

This does not include uninsured costs. The insured and uninsured costs of work place incidents can pose a significant financial burden on organisations. Organisations should explore to develop the capability to manage risks from client aggression and violence in their workplace. Don’t let this happen in your workplace.

Staff training in conflict de-escalation, tactical withdrawal and situational awareness should be on your workforce planning to decrease risks.

These stats and costs are for one industry, so what is this possibly costing your company? Can you afford not to train your staff?

Look after your staff, empower them and you will reap the rewards.

by Jason Lawrence

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