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Excellent facilitator, Nothing else to say very happy.

Senior Project Officer Environmental Health

Really great course, Great instructor, loads of real-life examples

Library Assistant

Jason was a nice man who engaged well with the group and he came across as very sincere and caring in wanting this training to help staff.

Project Officer

Bill was a fabulous presenter- knowledgeable, entertaining and a great facilitator


Jason was very knowledgeable and was able to share from personal experiences, which was good and interesting.

Dispatch Officer

Great course highly recommend

City Cleaner

I deal with very anxious and upset customers that are selling their homes so was able to learn a few more useful steps in helping customers.

Operational Support Officer

Great day

Supervisor Fast Track

I was very happy with the course, very relevant and can be easily applied to a day in a life of a Council worker

Parks Officer

Highly recommended very helpful

Senior Engineering Surveyor

Jason was very knowledgeable and inclusive

Building Certification Officer

Very impressed with facilitators ability to combine theory with practice

Project Lead, Get Set Gold Coast

Best course ever

Survey Services

Stories brought theory to life. Bill is engaging and motivating. Great to not sit through endless PowerPoints

GC 2018 Volunteer Program Lead

Highly recommended very helpful

Senior Engineering Surveyor

Bill is very experienced and engaging. The course was excellent.

Exec Coordinator Commonwealth Games

Excellent presentation

Library Assistant

All well organised and laid out course

Parks Officer

Best course for council


Bill was an excellent presenter -engaging and interactive. Content was relevant and interesting

Parks Officer

Really good course, Great knowledge and practical explanations

Exec Co Ordinator Media

Bill was very lovely and kept us all interested throughout the day

Contributions Officer

Bill was Awesome

Supervisor City Cleaning

Excellent all over


Great course for managing high risk situations

Exec Coord 

Bill is an excellent instructor with great examples

Exec Coord

Should have done this course 11 years ago. Essential for my role.

Compliance Inspector, Environment 

Genuine outcomes with this course that will make my job safer.

Investigator, Fair Trading

Bill was an absolute delight and imparts practical and meaningful training on Tac Coms that Aggression Management.

Workplace Health and Safety Inspector

Great training. De-escalation strategies and understand BAR a couple of many highlights.

Mines Inspector, Qld

In my 20 odd years as a Compliance Officer, I can’t recall enjoying a training course more that delivered on its’ delivery promises.

Investigations Manager, Environment


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